Are we angry?

angry baby in green

If so, let’s figure out how we can deal with this together. Action will help us combat our initial reaction of anger.

1. We have to admit that we are angry.

2. Define our anger.

3. Ask ourselves the questions, “Is the anger harming us?” and “Is there something we can do about it?”

4. If there is something we can do about it, find resources to use so that we positively channel the anger rather than letting it drive us.

5. While addressing the issues, be sure to take care of ourselves first.

6. Balance our lives with: relaxation, fun, and/or anything that distracts us from the feelings of anger.

7. If the issues making us angry affect others, contact them, and then join with them to resolve those issues. Encourage and thank them for their efforts.

8. Never give up.

9. Keep going forward.

~ Sharon Rule

Speak In Faith!

I discovered the power of this whole concept this week during what I call “Dream from God”. I woke up claiming all victory through Him and telling the devil he’s a liar. Thanks for sharing. This really resonated with me. Be blessed. ~ Sharon

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

We awaken the dominion, of Christ, in you today! Command your morning, capture day. Declare your ending, from your beginning. You have too much authority to sit back, watch the devil, and say nothing.

Let the redeemed, of the Lord, say so! Speak in faith! Say “I’m healed, I’m whole, I’m successful, I’m focused on Christ, I’m redeemed from the past, I’m rich, wealthy, and becoming better. I’m a fearless warrior, I’m a clearer hearer of the Father, today.

Open your mouth and declare your heart’s desire. Don’t give up so easily. Be consistent. Call those things that are not as though they are and the way they should be. Yahweh didn’t tell Adam what to say, in the garden, Adam spoke and Yahweh backed him up!

Go ahead, Heaven and the angels are waiting on you!!!!!

© Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or…

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How do we bring goodness into our lives?

Brad, you really reached a place of understanding that I could not put into words. Thank you so much for sharing your message with all of us.

Ideas for success

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#72 Pain – ‘Suffering Through Depression’


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Pain is a measurable thing and there a million* different ways to measure it. The method I use is called the ‘BryFry Scale’. It based on a real person, called Bryan Fry, who has purposely got him self stung and bitten by pretty much every animal on the planet. On the Mindfump Scale of worst jobs that ranks his job 3rd, behind an apprentice Sumo wrestler, who’s job it is to wipe the backside of the senior members, and a pet food taster – someone has to do it*.

Now, given that the attention span of the modern human is less than 12 seconds and human curiosity has over taken a cats curiosity, I will tell you. It is the Box jellyfish. On the BryFry Scale, the Box Jellyfish is the most painful animal in the world.

OK, thats that out…

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Letting Go

Very insightful and heart rendering for me. I too, know these feelings. I connect with you.

A Wise Woman Writes

It’s hard to let someone go when we don’t know why they’re gone. It’s natural to want an explanation, an understanding, something that puts their leaving into perspective. It’s hard to move on when there is nothing but silence, or worse, a strangely formal way of relating, as though you made the whole thing up. But we can’t put our lives on hold, waiting for an answer that may never come. Maybe they will tell us one day, or maybe they will never understand it themselves. Their reason isn’t that important. What is important is that we don’t abandon ourselves in the heart of loss. That we don’t make another’s presence more important than our own. That we don’t lock ourselves in a prison of our own making, waiting for an external liberator to set us free. If they have left, we have to leave, too. We have to let…

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Our Message Potpourri

sharinHislove wreath

You may wonder why there is such a diversity of subject matter on sharin’ His love. We are interested in understanding where Jesus lived, the pathways He walked, the message He taught. As we seek to know our Lord in a more personal way, any information about Him and His life is exciting.

Traveling to Israel, the homeland of Jesus, has always been a dream of mine.  We share pictures and information about Israel for our own enjoyment and inspiration and hope it interests our readers, too.

Since messages of encouragement and inspiration are so helpful to us, we like sharing them with you.

Studying Prophecy has also been an interest of mine since I was a teenager.  Many hundreds of prophecies in the Bible have already occurred. As we compare the prophecies in the Bible with daily news, we will see the importance of an ongoing study of what the prophets said so many years ago.

We hope you will enjoy sharin’ His love and be involved in our discussions.


Sharon & Erick


We must not forget the main purpose of this website … bringing back into focus that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.

The activity for today’s event for the Women’s March on Washington was to send postcards to our representatives and senators. I sent emails and fb messages instead.

However, the first thing I did, was PRAY for healing for all the issues that are going on in America. I believe that this is a priority. PRAYER, indeed, does CHANGE THINGS.

I commend the ones who are representing us who are sticking to the principles of caring for their constituents. I encourage all of them, and all of us, to remain positive, prayerful, and loving.

Together, we can make changes for the good of all Americans. Just look around, you can see that our efforts are making a difference!

Sharon & Erick

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Out of Darkness


1 Peter 2:9 (WEB)

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
a people for God’s own possession, that you may proclaim the excellence
of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light:

Balloons – The Art Of Letting Go | Insidethelifeofmoi


balloons2Letting go… A good friend once told me, “Put it in a balloon and let it go”. She continued… “The balloon may float to the ceiling,

A good friend once told me, “Put it in a balloon and let it go”. She continued… “The balloon may float to the ceiling, the strings are there for you to grab… but for now, just let it go”. In the midst of my broken marriage, this was the best advice anyone could have given me. Prior to ‘letting go’, a dark cloud followed my every move. It leaked melancholy over our relationship and consequently, made things look bleaker than ever. My husband and I walked around with this heaviness in our hearts. Like a mouse chasing an endless maze, we could no longer see a way out. We were lost, confused and travelling down the same tracks we’d traveled before. There’s only so many times you can go over the same old territory. At some point, you need to find your way out and never look back. But how do we get out of this soul-destroying maze?


Letting go


The answer is really quite easy…You just need to ask yourself; how did I get into the maze in the first place? For me, it was a case of finding it difficult to let things go. During the bleak time in my marriage, mistakes were made on both sides. My husband was able to accept my faults, however, I couldn’t let go of those balloons. And so, the same broken record played on, and we kept on dancing our repetitive dance. We would talk about forgiveness. We drew lines in the sand. Only months, weeks, days down the line…the cork would go POP, and I would explode once again. Suddenly, that same tiresome tune began to play and we’d find ourselves dancing over the same tiresome terrain. But how long can we endure the same broken record? Surely there will come a time when the record becomes so exhausted, it gives up.

Some of us find it easy to let go of our balloons, others will be pulling the strings, too afraid to let them go. There are those types which I call the ‘whistling kettles’. Like a kettle, their problems boil up inside.  To begin with, they can keep their bubbles under control. However, as time goes on, they start to boil up inside until the almighty whistle blows! As one can image, it’s not healthy to let things fester inside. It’s inevitable that at, some point, you’re going to boil over! And yet, so many of us fall into this category. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to deal with the problem before it escalates. If you can feel yourself slipping things under that rug…STOP! You have two choices; you can deal with the issue there and then, or you can collect up all of the negative energy, blow it into a balloon and let it go. As my friend wisely explained, you can pull the string down at another time, but for the sake of your sanity…just let it go!

There are also those types which I call the ‘bee-infested bonnet-wearers’. I hold my hands up, for I fall into this category of the ‘unforgiving’. For those of us who walk around with bees in our bonnet, we all know, the constant buzzing is enough to drive us insane…and yet we continue to wear our bonnets with pride. Whether it is hurt, anger or disappointment we are wearing on our hearts, there needs to come a time when we have to swallow our pride and let go of those negative feelings. Nothing good comes from lugging around a big rucksack of negativity…you can either; take a break from the bag you have been carrying for so long, or you can start rummaging – throwing out all of yesterday’s’ hurt – and find forgiveness. Once you have established a mutual forgiveness, it’s time to leave the empty bag and move on. Who needs an empty bag anyway?


Once you learn the art of letting-go, whether it’s sweeping under that rug or abandoning a rucksack on the side of the road…you will fall into the category I call the ‘balloon letter goers’. What a truly amazing place this is! One day, when I was feeling particularly angry and hurt, rather than doing something destructive, I reflected back on what my friend had told me. Later that day I bought a pack of balloons, I was debating whether to go for a pack of ten or twenty– I decided twenty would be adequate. I blew all my negativity into these balloons, sealed them closed and scribbled issues I needed to ‘let go’ over them. So there I was, surrounded by a bunch of colorful balloons, looking as though I had just raided a children’s birthday party. If anyone saw me, they’d think I had lost it!

Craziness aside, I wanted to pop all these balloons with a knife. For these balloons had caused me so much hurt. I wanted to destroy them all. Or did I? The truth was, I didn’t want to let them go. I wanted to surround myself with these balloons and wallow in hurt, anger and tears. However, I had come to the point in my life, when I knew very well that I couldn’t keep going on this way. Enough was enough. I tied strings onto those balloons, kicked open the back door and I let every one of those balloons go. I watched them disappear into the sky until they got sucked up into oblivion. It was at this point when I felt a weight had been lifted. I was free.

I’m not suggesting you go out and purchase 100 balloons. By all means, do this, if this is what you want to do! Alternatively, you can visualize blowing all of your pent up negativity or hurt into imaginary balloons and letting them go. You may decide to ‘let go’ in other ways – be it screaming your lungs out on top of a hill or burning the contents of your husband’s wardrobe on the bonfire (Um, that was just a joke – don’t do that!). Whatever you choose, the fact that you’re taking those steps in letting go, will enable you to move on with your life. It’s a truly beautiful thing when you wake up without that heaviness in your heart.


One of my favorite films to watch with my children is Disney Pixar’s ‘UP’. The bitter old man – who had sadly lost his wife – spent years in the same old house, looking at the same old walls. The world was moving on, but he stayed stagnant. One day he attached thousands of colorful balloons onto his house, and he floated into the sky. Unknown to himself, he was ‘letting go’. If he had stayed in the same place, dwelling over the negatives and unable to move forwards, he wouldn’t have experienced the happiness he gained later in the film!

It’s time to take off our bee-infested bonnets, it’s time to stop dancing that same old repetitive dance…

…It’s time to ‘let go’.




Source: Balloons – The Art Of Letting Go | Insidethelifeofmoi

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