1. Thanks so much, I really needed that today. You know this because He tells us but sometimes we (me) get caught up in life that we (me) forget for a moment then God sends someone like you to share this and it’s like “yes Lord, I’m so sorry for forgetting.” I’ve had a crazy stressful day and reading your post reminded me that Jesus is alive and is still working on our (my) behalf. Love this posting and thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. It is so humbling to watch God work, isn’t it? So many times, I don’t know if what I’m posting will help anyone. I try so hard to be led by the Holy Spirit to reach out and encourage others. A lot of times, I’m feeling down and depressed and don’t feel that what I do matters, but then I get a message like yours and realize that in spite of myself, if I follow God’s leading, it will help someone. In helping you today, you have helped me!!! Thanks for sharing from your heart. I look forward to hearing from you often. God bless you as you continue to run the race for the high calling of Jesus Christ. Your Sister, Sharon

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